Television is a powerful mass medium that reaches a broad audience, making it highly effective for building brand awareness and promoting products.

Extend your reach and advertise with Vaka TV to connect with the community. We offer competitive prices for short and long-term advertising.

Television attracts loyal viewers, particularly through our mini TV series, reality shows, and movie nights. Sponsor a program that aligns with your business or advertising goals.

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Antenna Installations


Let the Vaka TV Antenna Team assist you in receiving crystal-clear Vaka TV signals by installing your outdoor antenna.

Our team boasts up to 15 years of experience in installing and replacing antennas. We specialize in using VHF Analog Antennas, RG 6 TV Cable, and high-quality connectors to ensure you get the best picture possible.

Before contacting our team, consider these troubleshooting tips:

  • Do you currently have an outdoor antenna?
  • If yes, how old is it?
  • Is it a VHF Antenna?
  • Is it properly aligned towards the nearest Vaka TV Pole?
  • Are all your connections installed correctly?
  • Is it tuned to the correct frequency?


Contact us to schedule a time for your antenna installation and to receive a quote.


Vaka TV have produced in conjunction with local production companies to create Atui Akaou, a story of a young girl reconnecting with her community during the covid 19 pandemic.

Contact us for queries on how we can work with you and your production.


Camera Crew

Let Vaka TV be your contact on Rarotonga, Cook Islands for events which you need covered.

We have a professional camera crew with latest camera and sound equipment and capability to live stream your event.

Specialising in sports coverage and more.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and quotes.

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